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Computing Intent

                            "To inspire children through the use of technology and develop
                      the skills required for their future communities to thrive and prosper."

Through each passing generation, great minds imagine and develop ways that technology can evolve and improve. In 1985, 13% of reported households in the UK claimed to have a home computer. In 2018, this figure rose to 88%.  Since the turn of the century, the technological advancements made across all platforms have allowed for many remarkable accomplishments. At Glade Academy, we teach computing lessons on a weekly basis to help children to develop the skills they will need for their adult life.

Computing is at the forefront of innovation around the world. We live in a society where social media platforms allow us to stay connected, Online databases allow us to access our work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and satellite navigation help us to get to our chosen destination, while rerouting around traffic. At Glade Academy, we believe in inspiring the youth at our school through the use of technology and developing the skills required for our future communities to thrive and prosper. Computing at Glade is not just about learning how to use technology. It is about preparing the youth of today for the world of tomorrow.