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Governance And finance

Glade Academy is part of the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust and the Academy and its Governing Body are responsible to the Trust’s Board of Directors.

The list of the trustees can be found at Eastern Multi Academy Trust - Our Trustees (

More can be found out about the Trust team at Eastern Multi Academy Trust - The Trust Team Profiles (

Academy council

Our Academy Council at Glade Academy are:

Katey Mills:        Chair/ Parent Member:                Parent Election:     28/02/2019        

Paul Shanks:      Vice Chair                                        Trust-appointed:   01/09/2018

Terry Hawkins:  Parent Member                              Parent Election:    07/12/2020

Previous academy council members

Peter Howard:   Previous Chair                                Trust-appointed:   01/09/2018-    16/06/2021

Their attendance can be found on the following link:

Eastern Multi Academy Trust - Academy Council Members (LGB) (

Their register of business interest can be found at Eastern Multi Academy Trust - Register of Interests - Trustees and members (


Eastern Multi Academy Trust - Annual Reports & Accounts (