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Our Mission Statement

Every member of Team Glade will work proactively to achieve our Vision through:

· Welcoming every child and family into our school, putting time and effort into building strong and robust relationships centred around meeting the needs of our children, and embracing individuality and diversity;

· Embracing all opportunities to work in partnership with parents, carers, our Trust (EMAT) and the local community to develop the learning of our children, and to foster our children’s understanding of the role which they can play within the local community, and the role which the local community can play within their lives;

· Investing time in finding out what our children are interested in and enjoy, resulting in the provision of a curriculum which is engaging and knowledge based, and will stimulate a love of learning;

· Actively promoting and modelling a love of words, reading and books, using every opportunity to develop children’s vocabularies;

· Providing a curriculum and learning experience which supports every child’s development academically, socially, emotionally and behaviourally;

· Aspiring to high standards in all aspects of the school’s life…staff will model this approach for the children by actively seeking out opportunities to further develop their own learning and skills, embracing challenge and learning from one-another;

· Using the local community to provide our children with experiences which will inform their understanding of the wider world, and the world of work;

· Providing a wide and varied experience of extra-curricular activities, informed by those interests which we recognise within our community, and a desire to introduce children to new hobbies and future interests;

· Ensuring that every child develops a strong moral compass, having the confidence to hold their head up high and make their own decisions in a wide range of situations, in any walk of life.