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School Meals

All pupils are able to have a school meal, helping pupils learn table manners. Meals served at the school are nutritional and well-balanced, containing free-range eggs, farm-assured meat and at least 75% of the dishes on our menu being freshly prepared in our kitchens.


The price of a school meal is currently £2.50 per day (£12.50 per week). To pay and order your child a school meal an account will need to be set up through Select-Aspens, with your child's unique code, which the school office will provide. Meals need to be pre-ordered or cancelled by parents before 8:30am. 

Please Note: If no pre-order is made we will be phoning you to bring a pack lunch for your child.

Free School Meals

Did you know that if you are in receipt of Income Support or Income-Related Job Seekers Allowance, you can receive free school meals? At the moment only a small percentage of our pupils are claiming a free meal. We believe that many more may be eligible. A free school meal is currently worth £2.30. Over the period of a term this can amount to approximately £140 worth of meals. If you are eligible to do so, please consider applying for free school meal entitlement.

For comparisons of performance, schools are grouped together by the number of pupils on free school meals. In this way the Government grades each school against what it considers to be “similar” schools. As the take-up for us is low, our school is grouped with schools, many of which are in the most affluent and advantaged areas of the country.

You can claim for free school meals online here.