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Our Core Values and Ethos

At Glade, we have three core values which underpin what we strive to achieve as a community. As such, these were chosen with the input from our community: our parents, our children and school council and our staff.
The three core values we selected were 'Respect', 'Resilience' and 'Teamwork.' 

When children are seen to be representing the values of the school, they will receive praise which may be in the form of a core values sticker. Children who consistently demonstrate the core values over a week could earn a 'learner of the week' to be presented in assembly, to which their parents are invited.

Behaviours for Learning (Bs4L):

  • The focus B4L will change each fortnight (the whole school will focus on the same B4L for two weeks).
  • There is a display in each class that the children are aware of. Under which, there will be a display including the Steps to Success (success criteria) which are referred to in lessons.
  • We recognise and reward those children who exemplify these steps to success / this B4L…this could be that their names are put on the Bs4L wall, Dojo points could be given each time a step of success is seen happening as well as verbal praise and reinforcing of behaviours which model the focus Bs4L.
  • Everyone in the school community is focused on the school’s B4L for the whole fortnight, in everything, for example: when lining up to go outside after they’ve eaten lunch; during registration; lining up to go to the toilet or wash hands; in lessons and in the playground etc.

Some examples are included below.