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Owls: WHizz, Pop, bang!

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Whizz, Pop, Bang!

Owl class have kicked off their learning this term with a ‘Whizz, Pop, Bang!’

We have been learning to be scientists in our role-play science lab, reading ‘Ada Twist Scientist’ and using questioning to find out answers to theories.

Children have been encouraged to predict and wonder during experiments and use questions to discover possible solutions or outcomes. Some children have been able to write their own questions including the use of question marks in their writing!

The last two weeks we have been focussing on colour and reading ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’ and ‘The Colour Monster’, using these to examine different shades and colour spectrums. The children have also written about their crayons, letters to Duncan and been reading captions and matching these to the correct Colour Monster. The children loved revisiting the Colour Monster and were very able to describe their feelings and individually associate colours to each emotion.

Some super learners also responded to a weekend learning challenge and completed experiments at home including making homemade lava lamps and growing a rainbow using pens and kitchen roll. Jasmine from Owl class was able to inform her Mum that this experiment used “capillary action”! Oliver created a fabulous rainbow along with ‘magic milk’! Ada made rainbow rain and Lily enjoyed various colour activities at home.

In the following weeks we are excited to learn about changes of states (Gas, solids and liquids), light and dark, forces and inventions. We think many of our young Owls will go on to become scientists in the future, they are so curious of the world around them!

Please check the photos out below: