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Art and Design Intent

                            "To encourage children to develop artistic skills, express their own
                             creative ideas and grow in confidence whilst experimenting with
                                                      different elements of art and design.


At Glade Academy, Art and Design is a vital part our children’s broad and balanced curriculum. We offer the children opportunities to develop skills and their own expressive ideas, thus allowing them to become confident and successful individuals.

Art and design, along with craft are an integral part of a child’s need to be creative. Our quality Art and Design education engages, inspires and challenges children alongside furnishing them with the skills and knowledge to be inventive, experimental and creative with their own pieces.

Critical thinking is encouraged to help develop an understanding of Art and Design. Knowing how the subject contributes to our culture and history is fundamental in respecting the work of artists and craft makers.

Teaching is based upon the National Curriculum for Art and Design with strong cross curricular links made, ensuring a structured approach.



In lessons:

Pupils may be assessed by the class teacher through:

  • discussion during plenaries
  • Responses in games and activities
  • Responses to their written or practical work

After lessons:

The subject leader monitors the effective delivery of the Art curriculum by:

  • Conducting class book looks
  • Looking at planning for medium and short term 
  • Observing children in lessons
  • Completing pupil perception interviews
  • Completing and analysing termly whole-school pupil perception surveys
  • Analysing class teachers' art half-termly assessments