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Our Vision

Glade will be a safe and inclusive academy of excellence; empowering and encouraging every member of its community to discover and celebrate their talents, strengths and interests.

Our children will be articulate, respectful, adaptable to a range of situations, and resilient; they will have a positive ‘Can Do’ attitude in school and beyond.

Our curriculum is planned to build pupils’ resilience in their behaviours for learning, sequenced from strong foundations in Early Years, through both Key stages, developing their understanding of language and vocabulary with an emphasis on the acquisition of the knowledge and skills needed for future success.

Children will leave Glade Academy as independent learners with high levels of self-confidence, they will be tolerant and understanding of the needs and beliefs of those around them, and they will have the skills and attitudes necessary to build successful and fulfilling relationships; to play valued roles within their future families and communities, with the courage and commitment to strive to achieve their dreams