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Physical Education Intent

                      "To increase the knowledge and understanding of a variety of sports,
                           encouraging a sport for life attitude, improving teamwork skills
                                         and promoting resilience and respect for others."

At Glade we believe that physical education is an essential part of the curriculum and a child’s development. We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that offers a variety of activities. Class teachers deliver PE lessons, although we have a PE specialist teacher who delivers some PE curriculum across the school.

A positive and inclusive physical education setting will enable the children to build self-esteem, confidence and team work skills. We promote good sportsmanship, fair play, respect at all times and celebrating successes. We encourage our children to take on leadership roles during the lessons and in a whole school setting.

Competition and taking pride in our achievements is something that we believe in at Glade. We have links with other schools and include competition in to the curriculum.

At Glade, we promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage our children to live active lives.