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Spring 2

We are going into the second half of the spring term with ‘Shoots, Roots and Muddy Boots!' 

We will think about the four seasons and what weather we might experience during each of these seasons. We will use our knowledge from last term's topic to explore how the changing of the seasons, is due to Earth tilting. 

We will observe and talk about changes in animals, looking at their young and exploring similarities, differences and complete changes! Such as the caterpillars that will be joining us in class... we are looking forward to seeing the big changes that they make during their life cycle. 

We will look at what plants need to grow and even think about plants we can eat and how these are harvested. 

We will link what we know about the growing and changing of plants and animals to ourselves and think about how humans change as they grow up. 

We will develop our story telling and performing through the use of the text Jack and the Beanstalk and will even have a go at planting our own magic beans!

Join us on our muddy adventure as we dig deep and grow to new heights!