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Summer 1

We are starting the summer with ‘All Things Royal!’  We are looking forward to learning all about the current members of the Royal family, as well as some significant figures from the past.

We will celebrate the King's coronation and learn about what the ceremony will look like and what will happen during it. 

We will explore royal residences and talk about who protects the royal family. Through our exploration, we will look at other famous landmarks in London. 

We will learn that King John signed the Magna Carta a long time ago, to make a promise to the people he was ruling, that he would be a fair leader. We will look at the fascinating local links to the creation of the Magna Carta. 

We will think about who makes decisions for our country and make steps towards making our school a better place through our own decisions. 

We look forward to sharing everything we have found out about 'All Things Royal'.