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Team Glade:

School life has been a bit of a journey for everyone over the past four years; here at Glade the children and adults have been thinking and talking about why our school is such a special place to be.

Child’s View written by Year Six children:

We are proud to be members of Glade Academy.  We have amazing friendships, supported by our Core Values (Respect, Resilience, Teamwork) so we achieve more together.


“It’s a good place to make new friends and we all look after each other.” (Jae, Y4).

The community that we are in helps our brains develop new ways of learning.  We enjoy learning in super fun ways in different subjects.


“The different lessons inspire me to want to learn more.” (Lily, Y4).

Our school environment looks outstanding. We help to look after it by picking up litter and tidying away after ourselves.  Our teachers support us to do our best work for the display boards around the school and it makes us feel really proud and confident about ourselves and what we can achieve when we see our work on display.

Sharing Assemblies give other classes an insight into what we have been learning; sometimes we feel a little nervous but at the end when we get a big round of applause we feel really proud.  When we are part of the audience we always learn some new, interesting knowledge.

All the staff members around our school treat all of the children the same, and they help to keep us all safe. 


“We feel safe in our school.”  (T-J, Y4).

Staff members prioritise our safety with a fire drill each term, share safety tips, adult supervision, and if any of us have trouble hidden deeply inside us there are lots of staff members who will make time for us to talk to them; we are also really lucky to have Paul, our Student and Family Support Worker…he is friendly, kind and funny.


“I am proud that our school is a safe place.”  (Anya, Y2).

No matter what, the gates of Glade Academy are open to all children:


“I am proud that we welcome everyone in this school.”  (Wiktoria, Y6).

Children welcome new students into the Glade experience with a friendly smile. 


“If English isn’t your first language there are lovely people to support you.”  (Mariana, Y4).

Pupils receive rewards (for their behaviour or work) such as ‘Star of the week’ certificates, ‘STEP badges’ (Sorry, Thank you, Excuse me, Please…for consistent courtesy), Presentation certificates and attendance awards (and gift cards for good attendance!). 

Each year students can choose to apply to be a School Councillor – they have to write a speech and read it to the rest of their class, then a ballot is held so that everyone can vote; the one with the most votes wins.  The School Council plays an important role because it gives all of the children a voice so that they can play an active role in the life of the school.

Every child deserves the outstanding care and education that we get at Glade Academy.


“I am proud of everything in our school.” (Joshua, Y2).